Management Team
Our Methodology
Managing the software project needs a well-defined Project Management Framework. We, at neuerung techsoft follow the top project management practice especially for our offshore software development process. Our state-of the art IT Project Management process is both interactive and open that allows clients to keep track of everything related to his projects including important documents, communication, financial. Our effective IT Process management allows them to monitor the whole development process and note any unforeseen problems even from their own end.

Below is our Project Management Framework to give you an insight on our software development methodology.

Client Requirement
Solving Client Requirement, Preparing Technical Document
Working with RFPs including
i) Project Scope, ii) Development & Implementation,
iii) Project Consideration, and iv) Project terms
Proposal Accepted Proposal Rejected
(No Follow Up)
Preparing Technical Design Documents including
i) Static Prototype (User Interface), ii) Flow Diagrams,
iii) Projects Considerations, and iv) Scope
Development: Client Reviews / Progress through Status Reports
Testing: Client will be able to review actual application on our testing server
Depoyment: Implementing the Solution at Client Side/
Maintenance & Further Development if required
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